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Pre Compressed Spring Hanger (25 mm)

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Our company is a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pre Compressed Spring Hanger (25 mm). The Pre Compressed Spring Hanger is extensively used in suspension of water pipe lines and seismically restrained rotating equipment. The frame of our Pre Compressed Spring Hanger is made of G.I. Steel and powder coated to 100 microns paint thickness (exceeds 1000 hours of salt spray test), conforming to ASTM B – 117 standard. Our hanger is designed with a printed deflection scale to indicate total spring deflection. We specialize in catering to the bulk requirements of Pre Compressed Spring Hanger with utmost ease.

  • Designed to BS 1726 – 1 : 1987
  • Tolerance to BS 1726-1 : 2002
  • SAE and Ashrae Guidelines for vibration isolation

  • Spring diameter to height ratios are designed to ensure that spring will never buckle even when fully loaded.
  • Suspension rod misalignment (30 degree arc) is compensated in hanger design.
  • Direct connection to lower suspension rod by means of a threaded rod coupler.
  • Printed deflection scale to indicate total spring deflectionl.
  • Pre compressed spring effectively minimizes transfer of variations in pipe load during filling of pipes thus protecting equipment connections / Flexible joints and also prevents overloading of the main equipment isolators.
  • Locking rubber bush centralizes the spring and prevents dislocation.
  • Springs are powder coated with appropriate color coding to facilitate identification.
  • Frame is made of G.I. Steel and powder coated to 100 microns paint thickness (exceeds 1000 hours of salt spray test) and conforming to ASTM B – 117.

  • Frame Hot dip galvanised (Prefix part Number with "HDG")
  • Spring Neoprene Coated (Prefix Part number with "N")
  • Spring Plastic coated (Prefix part Number with "P")

Selection / Ordering : Point load (Calculated to include all variables such as weight of water in pipe lines etc if applicable).

Installation Guide Lines : Included in Packaging.

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Selection Table For 25 Mm Deflection Precompressed Sring Hangers (Table No. : C-13-01)

Isolator Model Rated Load (kg) Spring colours Dimension (mm)
L W H E (apprx.) D
SPCSH-A25 25 Green          
SPCSH-A50 50 Black 77 60 120 68 M10
SPCSH-A75 75 Yellow          
SPCSH-A100 100 Blue          
SPCSH-A150 150 Grey 77 60 120 75 M10
SPCSH-A200 200 Orange          
SPCSH-B200 200 Black          
SPCSH-B250 250 Yellow 77 60 145 85 M12
SPCSH-B300 300 Blue          
SPCSH-B400 400 Grey          
SPCSH-C400 400 Brown          
SPCSH-C500 500 Grey 94 80 180 115 M16
SPCSH-C600 600 Orange          
SPCSH-C700 700 Green          
SPCSH-C800 800 Pink 94 80 220 145 M22
SPCSH-C1000 1000 White          
SPCSH-C1200 1200 Purple          
SPCSH-2C1400 1400 Green          
SPCSH-2C1600 1600 Pink 235 75 325 175 M30
SPCSH-2C2000 2000 White          
SPCSH-2C2400 2400 Purple          
SPCSH-2C2800 2800 Purple/Yellow 235 75 350 190 M36
SPCSH-2C3200 3200 Purple/White          



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